Why Volunteer?

Our volunteers range in age from 18 – 84.  It is the intermingling of this diverse group of people that creates such a rich environment for volunteering at VIM.


There are some great benefits to becoming a VIM volunteer:

An extra benefit for Baby Boomers
In Deschutes County, we have a large local retiree population, many of whom are Baby Boomers, instilled with a sense of service. A 2007 brief issued by the Corporation for National & Community Service discussed the benefits of volunteering and states, “when we share our time and talents we solve problems, strengthen communities, improve lives, connect to others, and transform our own lives”.


The article also examines the relationship between volunteering and health and states that efforts should be made to “provide [Baby Boomers] substantial, challenging, and fulfilling volunteer experiences. The results of such efforts will not only help solve community problems, but simultaneously enhance the health of the growing number of older adults.” VIM’s volunteer program fills this goal perfectly.


Who benefits the most?  Our patients.
We have an opportunity each and every day to change not only the life of one person, but the course of a whole family. When the family breadwinner is healthy, everyone benefits. Our work at VIM is the catalyst for so many good things – we are proud to be in service and invite you to join us. 


Why Volunteer?